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Terms and conditions

Table of contents

TERMS AND CONDITIONS of Sneakers de Luxe web shop from 24.12.2014



The terms used in the Terms of Service have the following meaning:
Customer – a natural person, a legal person or a business unit not having a legal personality which has a legal capacity by virtue of specific provisions who places an Order in the Shop;
Civil Code – act of 23 April 1964  (Journal of Laws no. 16 item 93 as amended);
Terms of service – these terms of service via electronic means in Sneakers de Luxe internet shop;
Internet shop  (Shop) – an internet shop available at, via which the Customer may place Orders,
Merchandise – commodity presented in the Internet Shop; 
Contract of Sale – a contract of sale of merchandise, as defined by the Civil Code, entered into between Sneakers de Luxe company and the Customer, concluded by means of the shop’s website;
Act of  special conditions of consumer sale – the act of 27 July 2002 on special conditions of consumer sale and on amendment of the Civil Code (Journal of Laws no. 141 item 1176);
Act on rendering services by electronic means – the act of 18th July 2002 on rendering services by electronic means (Journal of Laws no 144,  1204 as amended);
Order – a statement of the Customer’s will, aiming at concluding the Contract of Sale, defining, in particular, the type and the amount of Merchandise.                              GPRD (General Data Protection Regulation) - The Data Protection act (1980) (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR") is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas.

General provisions

The Terms of Service define the rules of use of the internet shop available at
These Terms of Service constitutes terms of service as defined by art. 8 of the Act on rendering of Services by electronic means.
The internet shop, available at is run by Sneakers de Luxe with its seat in Warsaw.
The Terms of Service defines in particular:
The rules of registration and using the account within the framework of the internet shop
conditions and rules of electronic booking of merchandise available in the internet shop;
conditions and rules of placing orders by electronic means in the internet shop;
the rules of concluding Contracts of sale with the use of services rendered in the Internet Shop
The use of the internet shop is possible on condition of meeting the minimum technical requirements by the ICT (information and communication technology) system used by the Customer:
Internet Explorer ver. 7.0 or newer with Java and Adobe Flash Player enabled.
In order to use the Internet Shop, the Customer should, at his/her own expense, obtain access to a PC computer or terminal having access to the internet.
Pursuant to binding provisions of law Sneakers de Luxe company reserves the right to limit the possibility to render services via the Internet Shop to those persons who are over 18. In such case potential Customers shall be informed of the above.
Customers may obtain access to these Terms of Service at any time via the link located at the main page of, download it and print it.
Information on merchandise provided in the Internet Shop, in particular, their descriptions, technical and functional parameters, as well as prices, constitute an invitation to conclude an offer, as defined by art. 71 of the Civil Code.

Rules of using the Internet Shop

Before you start using the Internet Shop, you have to register first.
The registration is conducted through filling in and acceptance of registration form available at one of the Shop’s webpages.
In order to register you have to agree to the Terms of Service and provide personal data marked as obligatory.
Sneakers de Luxe company may deprive a Customer the right to use the Internet Shop, as well as restrict access to its parts or entirety of the Internet Shop, effective immediately, in case of violation of the Terns of Service by the Customer, especially when the Customer:
provides false, inaccurate or out-of-date data, misleading or breaching third party’s rights during registration.
Violates personal rights of third parties via the internet shop, in particular, personal rights of other customers of the internet shop.
Perpetrates other actions which shall be found by Sneakers de Luxe company as actions breaching binding regulations or general rules of using the internet or damaging the reputation of Sneakers de Luxe.
The person deprived the right to use the internet shop may not register again without prior permission of Sneakers de Luxe.
In order to ensure safety of communications and data in connection with services rendered by the Website, the Internet Shop shall undertake all technical and administrative steps adequate to the threat level of services rendered, in particular, the  means allowing for prevention and modification and acquisition of personal data sent via the Internet by unauthorized persons.
Customer is obliged in particular to the following:
Not providing and not relaying content forbidden by binding provisions, i.e. contents promoting violence, libeling/slandering or violating personal rights and other rights of third parties.
use the Internet shop in a way not disrupting its functioning, in particular, through the use of specific software or devices,
not undertaking actions such as: sending or placing in the Internet Shop’s framework commercial information previously not ordered (spam),
use the internet Shop in a way not causing inconvenience to other customers and to Sneakers de Luxe company.
Use of all content located in the Internet Shop’s framework for personal use only,
Use the Internet Shop in accordance with the provisions of law of the Republic of Poland, the Terms of Service and general rules of use of the internet.

Procedure of concluding a Contract of Sale

In order to conclude the Contract of Sale via the Internet Shop you have to access website, choose a proper shoe size, by performing technical activities in sequence basing on messages displayed to the Customer and information available on the webpage.
The choice of merchandise ordered by the Customer is made by adding it to the cart (“koszyk”).
While placing an Order – till the moment of pressing the “zamawiam”(order) button – the Customer has the possibility of modification of the data provided in with regard to the selection of Merchandise. In order to do so, you need to follow messages displayed to Customers and information available on the website.
After the Customer, using the internet Shop, has provided all necessary data, a summary of the Order shall be displayed. The summary shall include information on the following:
the subject matter of order
Individual price per unit and summary price of goods or services ordered, including delivery costs and additional expenses (if any).
selected method of payment,
selected delivery method,
time of delivery,
4.5 In order to send the order, it is necessary to accept the Terms of Service, provide personal data marked as obligatory and push “place order” button.
4.6 Placing an order by a Customer constitutes a statement of will of entering into a Contract of Sale with, pursuant to the Terms of Service.
4.7 After placing an order, the Customer shall receive an email, including final confirmation of all essential elements of Order.
4.8 The Contract is considered binding the moment the Customer receives an email having the content with the above mentioned content.
4.9 The Contract of Sale is concluded in Polish, having the content in accordance with the Terms of Service.
V. Delivery
5.1 The delivery of merchandise is limited to the area of the Republic of Poland and shall be executed to the address specified by Customer during placing of an order.
5.2 The delivery of Merchandise is executed via a courier or by the Polish postal service. The charges are specified under the address: Additionally, shipping charges shall be displayed while placing an order. The Merchandise can also be collected in a stand-alone shop in Warsaw at Męcinska 42 street. In case such, you need to check “odbiór osobisty” (own pick-up) option while placing an order.
5.3 The shipping shall be executed within 1-2 working days counting from placing an Order by the Customer.
5.4 Customers can access these Terms of Service at any time via a link located at the main webpage of the website download it and print it.
Consolidation, securing, making available and confirming essential provisions of the Contract of Sale of Merchandise shall be executed via sending to the Customer to the email address provided and by enclosing to the package a printout from the fiscal cash register or a VAT invoice.
Prices and methods of payment
6.1 The prices of Merchandise are specified in Polish zlotys and include all components,  including 23% VAT customs and all other ingredients.

6.2 The Customer from Poland has the possibility of payment:
a) by wire transfer to bank account,
b) online transfer from following banks: mTRANSFER (mBank), MultiTransfer (MultiBank), InteligoiPKO (PKO BP), Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, Nordea Bank, City Handlowy, Invest-Bank, Bank Pekao.
 c) payment in "Przelewy24" system,
d) by cash in the stand-alone shop
e) COD sale (cash on delivery)
6.3 Customers from outside of Poland can pay by: 
a) Paypal

 VII. Entitlement to withdraw from the Contract
7.1 The Customer, being a consumer as defined by art. 221 of the Civil Code, is entitled, by virtue of binding provisions of law, to withdraw from the agreement concluded remotely without proving any justification, by returning purchased product within 14-days period.
7.2 The 14-day period is counted from the date when the delivery took place.
7.3 In case of withdrawal from the Contract concluded remotely, the contract is considered never entered into. Whatever was provided by parties should be returned without any changes, unless the changes was necessary in the scope of the usual management. The return should occur immediately, not later than within 14 days. The return is to be made to the following address: Sneakers de Luxe, Mecinska st. 42, 04-080 Warszawa
7.4 Costs of return shipping are borne by the Customer.
VIII . Complaints regarding Merchandise
8.1 Sneakers de Luxe company as a seller, is responsible against the Customer being a consumer as defined by art. 221 of the Civil Code, for the discrepancy between the Merchandise and the Contract of Sale purchased by that consumer in the scope defined by the Act on specific conditions of consumer sale.
8.2 Complaints, resulting from violations of the Customer’s rights guaranteed by law, or on the basis of the Terms of Service, shall be sent to the shop’s address Sneakers de Luxe company undertakes to review any complaint within 14 days, and should it turn out to be impossible, to inform the Customer on the period when the complaint shall be answered.
IX. Final Provisions
10.1 Resolving potential disputes which may arise between Sneakers de Luxe and the Customer, who is a consumer as defined by art. 221 of the Civil Code, shall be subject to  the proper court for review pursuant to relevant provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure.
10.2 The resolution of possible disputes which may between Sneakers de Luxe and the Customer, who is not a consumer as defined by art. 221 of the Civil Code, shall be subject to  the proper court for the seat of Sneakers de Luxe company.
10.3 In issues not settled by the Terms of Service, provisions of the Civil Code apply, provisions of the Act on rendering of Services by electronic means and other relevant regulations of the Polish law.

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